“Draw me a robot”, I said to Mr Jim – and he swiftly obliged.

Crushinator Commander ZapCutie fluffs Eeyorehooverbot


Thanks Mr Jim! This is some of our earliest concept art, as we discussed how the main character should get around, and his general purpose in life. The very first bit of code I wrote was a 2D scroller for the PS Vita, using old Velocity code (it won awards!) – and because I can’t draw legs for toffee, I put the main character on a wheel. Some of that persisted in these early sketches from Mr Jim. The character designs range from adorable to terrifying – some of whom may end up as baddies. Think otherwise agreeable combat droids who have gone a bit bananas after spending centuries patrolling the same corridors.

Next we looked at some ideas for enemies and weaponry – Mr Jim was immediately in his element. He sent me literally hundreds of ideas for flame throwers, each with its own charming moniker and how he imagined using it. Some of the more printable include “the Neighbour-Roaster”, “The Smack Whore”, “The Bitchinator”, “This Is My Penis!” and oddly, “Susan”. No more caffeine for Mr Jim until he can learn to play nicely with others.



At this point we were beginning to see the game as a full 3D title, in the Dungeon Keeper  / Bloodwych mold, and Mr Jim generously and angrily agreed “this is a terrible idea” and set to work making some 3D models. Here are a couple showing one potential player robot moving from 2D into 3D





In other discussions we talked about the world the player would find himself – and therefore I present a few notions Mr Jim had for the environment itself – one in 2D and one in 3D.


Inked Corridor Design

3D walls

So, still early days when these were made – most at the end of 2014 as we tried to work out exactly what sort of game would best fit the story setting. The key things are robots, sci-fi corridors, automated defences and a great big space elevator. Mr Jim may be a borderline psychotic with a deep rooted anti-social personality disorder (there’s no maybe about it), but it was lovely seeing his ideas for the game come to life, especially as we were able to communicate over very long distance.

concept_10Very early concepts

Mr Jim here demonstrates his technical skills with a mock up of some corridor designs. Note the use of green lines to show how technical everything is. I don’t know what they’re for. Smoothing seams perhaps? Either way, I like it.
Mr Jim draws some concept art for the labs. The lab apparently uses tape based storage, because Mr Jim doesn’t know much about computers. He thinks the BBC Micro is pretty cutting edge. But he does know lighting.
More corridor
Here Mr Jim goes one better, and shows us what the corridor will look like when rendered in 3D. If I had two places I needed to connect with some kind of structure – this is the one I would personally use.
Certain death
Mr Jim has drawn his impression of the top of the space elevator – and a fine impression it is. The space elevator isn’t connected to anything, because Mr Jim doesn’t care if the occupants scream a lot and then asphyxiate. However he has drawn in a lovely sunrise over the planet, so they’ll have a nice (final) view
We can't render this!
Off in the distance Mr Jim has drawn the bottom of the great space elevator, which hasn’t been visited in centuries. The elevator is a structure 70 miles tall – and when Mr Jim gets his poly budget he is sure to be displeased.

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